Runtime Security for Multi-Cloud

Spyderbat cuts through the noise generated from multiple cloud providers by maintaining a living CausalContext map that prevents attacks and misconfigurations, enables early and accurate intrusion detection, and empowers SecOps automation.


Detect compromised VMs and containers

Spyderbat’s traces connect threat indicators by their causal relationships for early, accurate attack detection.

  • Spyderbat focuses you on real threats, identifying attacker activity when it occurs by re-calculating traces’ threat scores with each new causally related activity.
  • Spyderbat’s visually amazing Causal Tree goes beyond standard process trees to follow activity within and across containers, network connections, even over long periods of time.
  • Don’t just clean up malware – Get the full picture of how they got in to thoroughly de-louse your environment.

Instant root cause of misconfigurations and administrative errors

Misconfigurations multi-system 1024x434

Spyderbat proactively maintains a causal map of activity within and across your Linux VMs to immediately identify the root cause to any issue.

  • Immediately view the trace of any issue to get the who, what, where, and how.
  • Reduce your attack surface by inventorying the processes, services, and network connections used by your runtime applications.
  • Protect yourself from supply chain attacks by monitoring third-party activities, including OS and software updates, script outputs, etc.
Ready to See Spyderbat in Action?

Protect your multi-cloud environments

Prevent misconfigurations and threats. Detect and block attacks. Gain greater visibility while enabling SecOps Automation with Spyderbat.


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