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Spyderbat’s mission is to empower security analysts with unprecedented speed and precision to quickly verify emerging threats with attack traces, allowing faster intercept of intruders before the breach.

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Current solutions have left a critical gap in the security operations workflow between detection and response.

  • This gap widens with digital transformation and the explosion of cloud connected systems.   

  • This gap is only bridged today by overworked security analysts toiling through red herring alerts and ambiguous data.   

  • They manually attempt to retroactively connect the dots between security events and operational activity to determine an attacker’s entry point, attack path, and scope.  

  • This menial, alert-based approach is ineffective, frustrating for talented security analysts, not scalable, and altogether antiquated.

We formed Spyderbat to bridge this gap.  


The Spyderbat team includes insiders from cybersecurity and cloud computing focused on developing a solution that is both mindful of today’s threat landscape and security operations, while also an enabler of future trends such as cloud-native DevOps and democratized investigations.  

The Company

Brian Smith - backpacking.jpg

Brian Smith

CTO, Founder, orophile

Jason Tarver - fun.png

Jason Tarver

Senior UI Developer that enjoys powerlifting and kayaking


Ryan Bache

Senior UX Designer who prefers sleeping under the stars


David S Tyree

Principal Architect, outdoor enthusiast and perpetual tinkerer

IMG_3624 Cropped.jpg

Jonathan Reeve

VP Product Management and everything Austin


Ian Nelson

Principle Engineer that loves to cycle, hike and snowboard

Marc - Fun.JPG

Marc Willebeek-LeMair

CEO, Founder, sports and art aficionado

Man Playing Guitar

Seth Goldhammer

VP of Marketing and out-of-work musician


Richard Stiennon

Author and Analyst

The Board

Marc Willebeek-LeMair

CEO, Spyderbat

Brian Smith

CTO, Spyderbat

Venu Shamapant

LiveOak Venture Partners

Anike Bose

Benhamou Global Ventures

Creighton Hicks

LiveOak Venture Partners

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