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Automating SecOps

Cloud native development requires automation, from building, deploying, and running our applications, to technologies like Infrastructure-as-code (IaC).

How we secure the Cloud has not kept pace.

Cloud introduces multiple layers of abstraction, with ephemeral container and multi-Cloud workloads, generating more logs and alerts from more sources while still missing key events. The volume of alerts and reliance on manual investigation further overwhelm our security processes, preventing us from understanding what a real issue is, what its scope is, and how to get to its root cause quickly.


Shouldn’t we automate our approach for detecting and resolving security and operations issues – just like we do with the other areas of the Cloud?

SecOps Automation

SecOps throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

Spyderbat continually visualizes what’s happening at runtime within and across Cloud and Container workloads, providing automated root cause of security and operations issues, preventing missed attacks, and enabling you to automate your approach to security in the Cloud through:


Automating Visibility

eBPF enabled visibility within and across workloads
Go beyond logs - Spyderbat's Behavioral Web continuously assembles eBPF data by what caused it for a stateful understanding of activities in fast-moving containers and workloads, from integration to your production environments.

Automating Root Cause

Crush ‘Mean time to Resolution’ for immediate and complete resolution
Like a DVR, playback your runtime applications and user activity for real-time and historic visualizations that resolve issues in minutes, not days. Spyderbat's Behavioral Web lays the foundation for pinpointing the root cause of issues with near-zero digging.



Automating Actions

Close the loop with APIs & integrations that just work
Automation requires accuracy. Spyderbat enables automated actions by adapting to your environment for high fidelity observations and low friction integration into your cloud tooling and GitOps culture. 

Automate your SecOps with Spyderbat.

Get instant visibility to what is happening and protect your cloud-native environments.

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