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Runtime Security for Kubernetes

Secure your K8s environment with fast, accurate, and complete visibility of your ephemeral containers and application behaviors to prevent drift and stop attacks.

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K8s-Chart v4


With Spyderbat, no longer worry about what happens at runtime with real-time and historic understanding of what containers are doing and how they’re communicating, with immediate visibility to the root cause of security and operations issues.

See Kubernetes in a whole new light

Instantly gain granular visibility of what is actually running within and across your containers and clusters.

  • Like a DVR for Kubernetes activities, get an accurate picture of container activity at any point in time.
  • Without trawling through logs, go back and analyze a container’s activity that is no longer around.
  • Deployed via a simple Helm chart, even across complex K8s environments.
Kuberernetes Runtime Security
Drift Detection in Kubernetes

Prevent undesired container behaviors and stop attacks

Spyderbat simultaneously recognizes drift from known-good workload behaviors while also continuously identifying real attack indicators.

  • Recognize drift when it occurs from automatic profiles of your workloads runtime behaviors.
  • Stop real attacks by automatically chaining together attack techniques even if separated by systems, users, and long periods of time (months).
  • Protect yourself from supply chain attacks by detecting unexpected changes in third-party components.

Protect your K8s environments

Prevent misconfigurations and threats. Detect and block attacks. Gain greater visibility while enabling automation.

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