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Runtime Security for Multi-Cloud

Spyderbat cuts through the noise generated from multiple cloud providers by maintaining a living Behavioral Web spanning across all your runtime environments. Prevent errors, recognize attacks early and accurately, and empower automation.

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Gain consistent visibility across your multi-cloud and container workloads with the power to prevent misconfigurations, stop attacks, and get to the root cause from a single console.

Signatureless detection of compromised VMs and Containers

No matter where an attack starts, Spyderbat's signatureless detection means early and accurate recognition with the tools to contain and mitigate.

  • Spyderbat’s trace-based analytics identifies true attack behavior by scoring sequences of activity instead of relying on faulty correlations.
  • No more digging through multiple cloud provider logs - get the complete picture with Spyderbat's Behavioral Web.
  • Catch ‘low-and-slow’ attacks that span user sessions, systems, and even long periods of time (months).

Detect and instantly root cause misconfigurations and errors

Spyderbat automatically profiles workload behaviors to recognize drift, preventing errors from becoming production uptime risk.

  • Take the right action at the right time - e.g. notify developers of drift in pre-prod and take automated actions in prod.
  • Immediately get the who, what, where, and how of issues.
  • Protect yourself from supply chain attacks by detecting unexpected changes in third-party components.

Multiple Clouds, One Spyderbat

Protect all of your cloud-native environments, no matter which and how many cloud provider you use.

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