Runtime Security for Kubernetes

While Kubernetes orchestration enables greater development speed and scale of your containerized applications, the rapid rate of change introduces operational risk. Secure your K8s environment with fast, accurate, and complete visibility of what ephemeral containers are doing, how they’re communicating, with immediate visibility to the root cause of security and operations issues for fast and thorough mitigation.

  • K8s Runtime Security Concerns


    Worry about securing workloads at runtime the most

  • Increase in Security Incidents


    Of K8s environments had an incident in the last 12 months

 2022 State of Kubernetes Security Report, Red Hat
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Complete Picture

• Get granular visibility of what’s running within and across your containers and clusters.

Get the full picture for every container across its lifecycle from creation to termination and everything in-between.

A Kubernetes DVR

• Get an accurate picture of container activity in real-time, or go back in time

• Rewind minutes, hours, days or even months – go back and analyze a container’s activity that is no longer around – without trawling through logs

Instant Root Cause 

• Receive notifications of security or operations issues, with complete causal context.

• Go beyond point detections and symptoms to get the full trace or story of activity – not just the container shell or container escape, but who.

Simple Deployment

• Deploy in minutes via a simple Helm chart deployment

• Integrate Spyderbat root cause notifications into your existing workflows and tooling like Slack, Microsoft Teams or pager duty through open APIs.

Ready to See Spyderbat in Action?

Protect your k8s environments

Prevent misconfigurations and threats. Detect and block attacks. Gain greater visibility while enabling SecOps Automation with Spyderbat.


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