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Runtime Security

Shift-left isn’t sufficient to protect your Cloud and Container-based workloads. Spyderbat’s industry-first Causal Map provides a visual picture of your Cloud system and Container activity in real-time, providing much-needed causal context for enterprise-wide protection.

No more unknown unknowns

Prevent misconfigurations and stop attacks in your production environments by tracking activities across all user sessions, processes, and network connections at runtime.

Bridge detection and response

Radically compress investigation time vs manual investigations with automated causal traces capturing the root cause to any issue.

Total visibility

Rather than guess at what happened by trying to piece together logs, automatically get the who, what, when, and how of what happened with visual traces.

Open and extensible

Get set up and running seamlessly with your current workflows and technologies.

Get it Right off the Bat

Spyderbat Runtime Security is the only tool your DevSecOps
needs to secure your critical Cloud and Container runtime environments.

Why Spyderbat?

Go fast and secure

01. Stop the attack

Recognize any attack early and accurately by automatically connecting threat indicators by their causal relationships.

02. Detailed visibility

Automatically expose hidden activity of open source software, third-party libraries, scripts, etc.

03. Increased uptime

Prevent attacks and mishaps that derail runtime environments with context-aware security policies.

04. Immediate Root Cause

Automatically get the who, what, where, and how, from Spyderbat’s unique CausalContext map.

05. Seamless Integration

Blend into existing notification workflows such as Slack, Splunk, PagerDuty, Lambdas, etc.

Defend the Flag Linux Challenges (DFC)

Experience Spyderbat in our gamified format with previously captured scenarios.

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  • Just play

    Nothing to install or setup. Use the Spyderbat platform to examine previously captured scenarios.

  • Real-world scenarios

    Traces are captured from real Linux systems using actual attack techniques and application stacks.

  • Fresh challenges

    New challenges added regularly.

  • Grow your skills

    Test your Linux skills with gamified traces from real attacks and misconfigurations.

Flag challenges (DFC)


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