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Spyderbat Bolsters Team In Their Mission to Redefine Cybersecurity Operations

Startup Spyderbat adds new independent board member and product management leadership, strengthening its cybersecurity and cloud-native expertise

Spyderbat, Inc., has appointed serial entrepreneur and cybersecurity veteran John McHale to the company’s board of directors while also expanding the product team with cloud design expert Jon Reeve. Mr. McHale previously served in executive and board roles in highly disruptive and successful technology companies including NetWorth, NetSpeed, TippingPoint and BreakingPoint. With Spyderbat, Mr. McHale provides integral advice and guidance to Spyderbat’s company and product strategies.

“I am excited to join Spyderbat as they embark on the critical need of transforming security operations,” states John McHale. “Spyderbat’s platform accomplishes what has seemingly been impossible, a way to present analysts with a guided path that connects the dots of their investigation.”

Spyderbat also expands their expertise in cloud-native architectures with VP of Product Management, Jon Reeve. Dr. Reeve brings over twenty years serving in product management leadership positions spanning systems/network management, virtualization, cloud and container technologies. In his most recent role, Jon led product management for Cloud Native offerings at Oracle Cloud including managed Kubernetes, serverless Functions and other key capabilities.

“I am honored to join Spyderbat as we pioneer a new approach for security operations,” says Jon Reeve. “Enterprises are depending on security solutions architected to meet the highly dynamic and ephemeral nature of their cloud-native environments. Spyderbat’s platform demonstrates their early recognition of the uniqueness delivered by virtualization and containers, in addition to the challenge of spanning across traditional and multiple cloud environments for accurate visibility into threats and their root cause.”

“By adding John’s deep cybersecurity leadership and Jonathan’s cloud-native experience, we further strengthen our position to execute on our vision,” stated Spyderbat CEO, Marc Willebeek-LeMair.

About Spyderbat

Spyderbat develops innovative solutions to radically change the way organizations handle early threat discovery and investigation. Spyderbat is backed by LiveOak Venture Partners and Benhamou Global Ventures. To track our progress, follow us at: