Spyderbat arms security analysts with the continuous visual acuity to pinpoint emerging threat attack traces traversing hybrid and cloud environments

Introducing the industry's first Attack Tracing and Intercept (ATI) tool


A vast gap exists between initial detection and response, amplified by new layer’s of virtual and cloud abstraction, that relies on tedious, manual investigation.

investigation timesuck

Red herring alerts, chased down multiple ambiguous investigation paths within rapidly changing and short-lived work loads, waste time and conceal real, early threat indicators.

Correlation without Causation

Arduous investigation workflows, based on incomplete data, lead to inconclusive results when attempting to manually retrace an attack to its origin.

To address these key challenges


Designed to integrate and enhance existing security operations workflows, Spyderbat continuously tracks attack traces using causally connected operations activities fused with security events across hybrid and cloud environments

Orient & Focus

Spyderbat's causal connections instantly highlight interconnected threat activity, grouping related alerts together while dismissing alerts with no outcomes

(false positives).

Track & Intercept

Preemptive attack tracing through causal connections displays the attack’s path within and across systems and containers from its inception to its current state, allowing for fast and thorough mitigation.

Blend & Extend

Designed to blend into your existing workflows and current technologies such as SIEM or SOAR, or native cloud services such as AWS GuardDuty, with the freedom to personalize, extend and innovate.

SPYDERBAT Attack Tracing Architecture


Security Fusion

Maps security information to the operations plane, fusing in real-time to the ground-truth causal graph to instantly illuminate attack paths.

The ground-truth foundation of ATI continuously collects and assembles all activity within and across systems.

Context Enrichment

Additional context (e.g. threat intelligence, internal events) provide critical color to understand the attack's steps.

Operations Plane

Cloud-Native SaaS: Highly performant at massive scale

Continuous stream processing produces complete and accurate attack traces versus inconclusive data lake approaches


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