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Meet the Spyderbat Team

The Company

Brian Smith - backpacking.jpg

Brian Smith

CTO, Founder, orophile


David S Tyree

Principal Architect, outdoor enthusiast and perpetual tinkerer


Ian Nelson

Principle Engineer that loves to cycle, hike and snowboard

Jason Tarver - fun.png

Jason Tarver

Senior UI Developer that enjoys powerlifting and kayaking

Marc - Fun.JPG

Marc Willebeek-LeMair

CEO, Founder, sports and art aficionado


Ryan Bache

Senior UX Designer who prefers sleeping under the stars

Man Playing Guitar

Seth Goldhammer

VP of Marketing and out-of-work musician

The Board

Marc Willebeek-LeMair

CEO, Spyderbat

Brian Smith

CTO, Spyderbat

Venu Shamapant

LiveOak Venture Partners

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