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Cloud Native
Runtime Security

Lock down known-good app behavior, and block the bad—Powered by eBPF and the Spyderbat Behavioral Context WebTM

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The Spyderbat Platform

Spyderbat instantly and continuously visualizes all runtime app behavior—
from the kernel to the cloud—to reduce alerts by 2-3 orders of magnitude, and automatically block attacks in real time.

Kubnernetes Runtime Security


Spyderbat eBPF Nano Agents collect kernel-level workload data with negligible performance impact and no management overhead

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Kuberenetes Runtime eBPF

Instant insight

Deploy and visualize clusters, connections, commands, and more in minutes—even in large, complex containerized and K8s environments

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Runtime Anomoly Detection

Sec *and* Dev

Integrates seamlessly into existing CI/CD and SecOps workflows to end log digging, crush alert noise, and minimize interrupts

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Trusted in Production 

Continuous Runtime Protection

  • True continuous monitoring: Capture runtime context to surface risk in real time, without overwhelming alerts.
  • Critical causal context: See clear chained events that pinpoint exactly what went wrong, when it happened, what led to it, and the potential for downstream impact.
  • Visibility and control for Day 2: Automatic guardrails protect known-good processes, and stop anomalies that lead to outage, downtime and risk.


Negligible impact to system performance, no code changes for developers, fully automated profiling—and no more log digging

Cloud Native Runtime Protection

Recent Recognition and Shouts

A sampling of freshly minted industry awards, customer testimonials,
and general Spyderbat celebration


Security Time Travel

"...Their platform has distinct components that allow you to see things as they were, as they are, and how they should be."
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From the Experts

"Spyderbat is an amazing option for companies looking for rich Kubernetes specific runtime protection"
- James Berthoty, DevSecOps

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Startup of the Year

Spyderbat Named “Cloud Security Startup Of The Year” based on innovation and success in information security.
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eBPF for Runtime
Cloud Speed, Cloud Scale

Built for the culture of continuous improvement

Automate away the manual investigation and interrupts that come from root cause analysis. Build more. Dig less. 

Spyderbat Labs Runtime Security

Kubernetes Runtime Visibility Limit Interruptions

Buy time to patch on your own schedule with active protection against attacks targeting known vulnerabilities.

Cloud Runtime Visibility Instant Protection

Guardian policies detect application drift from built-in Linux services, Kubernetes services, and common commercial applications providing the most resilient defense against drift, as well as unknown and zero-day attacks.

MITRE Cloud Runtime Clear Value

Detections are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix, and Flashback visually shows chained TTPs for both existing and never-before-seen threats.

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