The Spyderbat Platform

Secure your cloud-native runtime environments from external attacks, misconfigurations, and insider threats.

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What is the Spyderbat Platform?

By probing eBPF, Spyderbat builds a map of activities from cloud systems and containers with their causal relationships. Using the CausalContext map, Spyderbat enforces security policies, performs signatureless attack detection, and provides immediate visibility to root cause.

  • Container Threat Prevention

    Secure containers by profiling expected runtime behavior.

  • Cloud and Container Attack Detection

    Detect threats early and with immediate visibility to the root cause and the full impact.

  • Root Cause Identifcation

    See every preceding causally-related activity, even across different user sessions, containers, systems, and time.


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  • Proactive Tracing

    A complete record of activities with their causal connections enables signatureless threat detection and immediate impact recognition.

  • Continuous Scoring

    Trace severity scores are automatically reassessed with all new causally connected activities for early threat detection.

  • Container Profiling

    A “DVR” of all activities occurring within and across containers builds a profile to prevent unexpected behaviors.

  • Open and Extensible

    Integrate into existing notification workflows and add third-party alerts to enable SecOps automation (e.g. Slack, PagerDuty)

Cloud-Native Security

  • Container activities

    Capture activities within and across containers, including network connections.

  • Capture slow or intermittent issues

    See all related activity even across time due to root cause evasive threats or intermittent issues.

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Fast and accurate security automation

  • Install the Nano Agent in seconds with support for automated installs from Terraform, Ansible, Helm Charts, etc.
  • eBPF data is sent securely to the Spyderbat Platform
  • Within seconds, see causal traces of activity from your workloads, including activity within containers.
  • The Dashboard automatically begins populating with scored traces to identify emerging threats


Use cases