The Spyderbat Platform

Secure your cloud native runtime environments from external attacks, misconfigurations, and insider threats.

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What is the Spyderbat Platform?

By probing eBPF, Spyderbat builds a map of activities from cloud systems and containers with their causal relationships. Using this CausalContext map, Spyderbat fingerprints workload behaviors, enforces security policies, performs signatureless attack prevention, and provides immediate visibility to root cause.

  • Runtime Visibility

    Spyderbat’s A3C Engine immediately assembles data into a visual map based on causal relationships for real time and historic views.

    • Eliminate the pain of scanning logs to determine the source of service interruptions and attacks.
    • Stop finger pointing by automatically pinpointing root cause.

  • Runtime Intrusion Prevention

    Spyderbat Labs research outputs Shields to known vulnerabilities and detections mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix.

    • Block attacks targeting both known and unknown vulnerabilities, including,

    • Supply-chain attacks
    • Data exfiltration Malware/Ransomware/ Cryptojacking
    • Zero-Day attacks
    • Stolen credentials/Insider threats

    • Enjoy your weekend (you’re welcome!) by avoiding unplanned downtime by patching on your schedule.

  • Runtime Delta

    Automatically create fingerprints of workload behavior and convert to policies that notify or even block new behavior.

    • Leverage Spyderbat Labs provided policies of popular services.
    • Avoid downtime and interruptions due to unexpected runtime behavior differences.
    • Eliminate the risk of compromised third-party components early in your CI/CD pipeline.


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with a cheat code.

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  • Value in the first minute

    Deploy eBPF Nano Agents in seconds directly or through existing orchestration tools.

  • Visualize and understand

    Interactive causalcontext traces expose container and VM workload behaviors to crush investigation time.

  • Ongoing Assurance and protection

    Every causal sequence is monitored to automatically detect and stop attacks.

  • Blended workflows

    Integrate into existing notification workflows and add third-party alerts to enable SecOps automation (e.g. Slack, PagerDuty).

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