The Spyderbat Platform

Secure your Linux runtime environments from external attacks, misconfigurations, and insider threats.

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What is the Spyderbat Platform?

The Spyderbat SaaS platform delivers real-time observability, accurate and early detection, swift investigation, and complete response for your Linux systems by recording ground-truth activities into a temporal-causal graph.

  • Complete

    Recognize the complete scope and impact by seeing all causally-connected activities across systems, users, and time.

  • Fast

    Cut the attacker's dwell time and your investigation time with an instant picture of every move by the attacker.

  • Accurate

    Linux eBPF and connecting multiple MITRE ATT&CK techniques enable accurate detection with a factual recording of what happened.


It is like playing hide-and-seek with a cheat code.

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  • Proactive Tracing

    A complete record of activities with their causal connections enables signatureless threat detection and immediate impact recognition.

  • Continuous Scoring

    Trace severity scores are automatically reassessed with all new causally connected activities for early threat detection.

  • Personalized Context

    Map third-party security alerts and custom analytics to personalize trace detections, immediately recognizing their causal connections.

  • Cloud-native Performance

    Saas scale and performance meet your needs whether you are a small or global organization.

A new way to secure Linux

  • Signatureless Detection

    Early threat detection with immediate visibility to its root cause.

  • Capture slow developing issues

    See all related activity even across time due to evasive threats or intermittent issues.

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Fast and accurate investigation automation

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