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Spyderbat Flashback

Too often investigations and root cause analysis into workload activities are impaired from limited logs and vanquished containers. Cloud-native investigations require a stateful understanding of workload activities to capture what actually happened.Visualize your cloud deployments and workload behaviors with Spyderbat Flashback(™) to automatically pinpoint drift, errors, and risk.

Flashback visualizes Spyderbat’s Behavioral Context Web built from detailed, kernel-level, eBPF—not coarse snapshots—to capture every running process and network activity with container and Kubernetes awareness. The result is an immediate answer to key questions, what happened, what caused it, what is the impact, without wasting time log digging.


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25 Days

What could you do with an extra 25 days a year? That is the average time savings of a Spyderbat customer using Flashback vs standard log analysis for their investigations. 

Flashback for Kubernetes

Marry Kubernetes and container context with eBPF workload activity to visualize your cluster’s every moment.
  1. The Kubernetes time slider presents the actual runtime execution within and across the cluster at any point in time, even months prior. 
  2. Facets allow an operator to focus on a specific cluster, namespace, service, deployment, or pod. 
  3. In and outbound network connections are shown, and grouped based on common destinations or sources.

Flashback for Workloads

View a complete visual history of what caused what, even if separated by systems, user sessions, and long period of time (e.g. months)
  1. Causal Tree presents the process lineage of host and container activities, including what processes generated or received network connections.
  2. Gray badges present the effective user rights. 
  3. View ‘relative time’, in this case the eksctl command occurred one hour after the ssh command.
  4. Detailed information presents stateful details such as environmental and command-line variables

Flashback Search

Pinpoint the root cause to any situation by searching across the entirety of Spyderbat’s Behavioral Context Web.
  1. Immediately create powerful searches with Spyderbat's built-in query assistant.
  2. Search as broad or narrow as needed, with data automatically stored for up to 90 days.
  3. Combine results into a single investigation window.

Stop digging. More building.

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