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Runtime Security for AWS

Secure your AWS runtime environment with Spyderbat across EC2, managed container services such as Amazon ECS for container orchestration, and Amazon EKS for Kubernetes-based deployments.

Runtime Security for AWS


Spyderbat complements AWS native tools, such as Cloudtrail and GuardDuty, with a living map of activities connecting system, container, and network activity continuously assembled by their causal linkage sequences. From pre-to-post production, Spyderbat proactively monitors every EC2 instance, tracking thousands of system-level traces, to raise accurate, actionable insights.

Signatureless detection of compromised EC2 instances EKS workloads

Spyderbat automatically chains together an attacker's tactics and techniques for early and accurate attack detection.

  • Spyderbat’s trace-based analytics identifies true attack behavior with low signal-to-noise. 
  • Go beyond logs - get the complete picture, including AWS Tags and EC2 properties, to immediately see the full scope and entry point of real attacks.
  • Catch ‘low-and-slow’ attacks that span user sessions, systems, and even long periods of time (months).
Runtime Security for AWS
Runtime Security for AWS

Detect and instantly root cause misconfigurations and errors

Spyderbat instantly recognizes drift of Linux services on EC2 nodes and EKS container workloads.

  • Catch runtime 'surprises' early in the development process that would otherwise disrupt your production uptime.
  • Immediately get the who, what, where, and how of issues.
  • Protect yourself from supply chain compromises by detecting unexpected changes in third-party components.
Spyderbat AWS Cloud Native Runtime Security

Automate your AWS SecOps with Spyderbat.

Get instant visibility to what is happening and protect your EC2 environments and managed container and Kubernetes services.



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