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Spyderbat Platform Architecture

Spyderbat's architecture enables a new level of visibility based on linking ground truth data by causal context. This novel perspective creates new methods for intrusion prevention and workload behavior analysis.

eBPF Nano Agents
Our eBPF Nano Agent records ground-truth data, including process details, network connections, and file access—all in real time.
Spyderbat Behavioral Web
The Behavioral Web continuously assembles eBPF data into a living temporal map based on causal relationships for immediate and historic visibility and analysis.
Input API
Quickly integrate with the additional data sources you already use for workload context, from CI and cloud platforms to code scanners, monitoring, and tracing.
Alert and Action API
Integrate with the downstream systems and processes your team already has in place to automatically take action, raise alerts, or customize responses.

Minimize response time and maximize uptime with Spyderbat’s supported integrations and automated actions. Seamlessly weave Spyderbat’s workload behavior monitoring and blocking into existing build practices and notification channels.


Accuracy, Speed, Completeness

The Spyderbat Platform’s architectural components track all runtime system and container activities at speed and scale.