Automating SecOps

The move to Cloud has dictated automation, from building, deploying and running our applications through technologies like Infrastructure-as-code (IaC).  

Our approach to security operations however has not kept pace.  Cloud itself creates multiple new layers of abstraction, with ephemeral container and multi-Cloud workloads, leading to even more alerts and symptoms.  This further overwhelms our already burdened Security Operations teams, preventing them from visualizing runtime activity and getting to root cause quickly.

Shouldn’t we automate our approach for detecting and resolving security and operations issues – just like we do with the other areas of the Cloud?

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Spyderbat Automation

Spyderbat continually visualizes what’s happening at runtime within and across Cloud and Container workloads, providing automated root cause of security and operations issues, preventing missed attacks, and enabling you to automate your approach to security in the Cloud through:

Automating Visibility

Recording ground-truths with causal relationships

  • A living map provides the foundation for continual visibility with causal context within and across Cloud instances and containers
  • This fabric provides the ability to validate changes at runtime, pre and post-production deployment, preventing runtime issues from reaching production, and providing instant visibility into any that do (e.g. Zero Days, Misconfigurations)

Automating Root Cause

Collapsing ‘Mean time to Know’ for immediate and complete resolution

  • Automated root cause analysis through Spydertaces™ – proactively generated sections of the living map providing root cause of security and operations issues, so operators can cut through the noise and shut down attacks that would otherwise be missed.
  • Automated forensics – Spyderbat acts like a DVR for your Cloud and Container Infrastructure, allowing you to see what’s happening live, or rewind and review the complete story step by step – causal activity that could span hours, days, weeks or even months.

Automating Actions

Closing the loop with open APIs & Integrations

  • Leverage your existing investments by feeding information into Spyderbat’s living map, so that they can leverage the power of Spydertraces™, and add additional business context for operators.
  • Trigger automated actions via Spyderbat’s open APIs to integrate with existing systems (e.g. Slack, Pager Duty) and take custom automated actions.
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