Spyderbat Labs

Co-founders of Spyderbat, CEO Marc Willebeek-LeMair and CTO Brian Smith, are no strangers to intrusion prevention systems (IPS). As the original founders of TippingPoint, Willebeek-LeMair and Smith invented the network IPS in the early 2000s. Marc and Brian understood early developing TippingPoint the importance of continuous innovation and focused threat research.

Spyderbat Labs performs threat research for cloud native environments to produce ongoing actionable intelligence updates to the Spyderbat platform.

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Actionable Intelligence Generated by Spyderbat Labs


Shields protect against attacks targeting known vulnerabilities, giving you the opportunity to patch on your schedule.


Instead of relying on individual Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), Spyderbat Labs develops detections mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix enabling Spyderbat’s A3C Engine to connect causally connected detections together to recognize emerging attacks accurately.

Workload Fingerprint and Policy Templates

Fingerprints capture detailed workload behaviors including running processes and network connections with their causal context and user permissions. Leverage existing Workload Fingerprint Templates built-in Linux/Kubernetes services and common commercial applications.

Response Actions

Shut down and contain attacks or unintended behaviors with a library of Response Actions.

Ready to See Spyderbat in Action?

Automate your Linux, Container, and K8s Security with Spyderbat.

Get instant visibility to what is happening and protect your EC2 environments and managed container and Kubernetes services.


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