Spyderbat and Ransomware


The increase in ransomware attacks carried out in the first half of 2021 than in the same time period in 2020*.

* Cyber Attack Trends Midyear Report 2021

Can organizations protect themselves from Ransomware?

Detecting ransomware means its already too late. Organizations need to detect attacks earlier in their lifecycle.

Avoid Ransomware with Spyderbat

Spyderbat 's Attack Tracing & Intercept (ATI) captures attacks early in their lifecycle leveraging existing security controls.

ATI uniquely establishes causal connections of operation activity - recognizing and prioritizing early attack indicators for fast and complete intercept.


ATI's attack picture captures all causal activity, from initial entry to

current progress, for full mitigation


Using ground-truth data, not noisy logs, ensures reliable outcomes


No large data queries and pivot searches. Spyderbat's attack traces are

immediately available at the onset of an investigation

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