Change is the lifeblood of modern organizations. The move to Cloud Native technologies allows us to release and deploy faster than ever…. but there remains a lack of visibility of cloud developed applications and infrastructure changes at run time. Changes are the most common cause of downtime, and supply chain attacks in both packaged and custom apps emphasize the need to close runtime blind spots.

  • 55%

    release weekly or more frequently

  • 50%

    are concerned about lack of visibility into systems, networks, and traffic

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Runtime Security

With Spyderbat, trace and secure changes at runtime, not just at build time.

    • Validate and secure at run time

      • Get detailed visibility into the runtime behavior of Linux systems and applications.

      • Compare 3rd party and custom apps to their expected behavior.

      • Understand changes in behavior from prior releases or deployments.

      • Enforce runtime policy (e.g. no sshd, no open ports) and notify on violations.

    • Rapidly root cause misconfigurations

      • Rapidly diagnose misconfigurations from internal teams, partners or 3rd party vendors.

      • Understand who changed what and when.

      • Enable DevOps & Security teams to collaboratively validate system and application runtime changes.

    • At cloud native speed

      • Get full, stateful trace capture within and across ephemeral Linux cloud-based systems, including containers/clusters, within seconds.

      • See application operations whether they live for hours, minutes or seconds.

      • Completely audit all system activity over time to track down and validate changes.

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    Real-time Observability

    Spyderbat's real-time tracing provides visibility to what happened, as it happens.

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