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The Spyderbat community helps members build their security skills while influencing the design of attack tracing and intercept tools.


Our community is seeking creative individuals interested in:


  • Dramatically improving how we triage and investigate security alerts

  • Personally improving your red/blue team security skills

  • Learning about new attacks and techniques and how to defend against them


As a Spyderbat community member, get early access to our Defend the Flag Challenges.

Grow your Skills

While there are plenty of capture-the-flag type events, Defend The Flag Challenges present attack's from the defender's perspective.

See The Attack

Using the Spyderbat interface, see real attacks, exposing common techniques like code injection, privilege escalation, reverse shells, etc.

Designed for busy security professionals. There is nothing to install or setup.

Short AND Fun

“This was a very fun challenge, and your tool is really quite powerful. I'd love to see more.”

Sr Security Analyst @ SaaS developer

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