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The best solutions invite opportunities for users to give back, strengthening the solutions’ abilities and robustness, while also extending to new use cases.  


The best companies create career opportunities for its users, allowing users to become smarter beyond their products.


We are developing a solution that allows users to build their blue/red/purple team and leadership skills and can be recognized for their contributions.

That is why we created the SPYDERBAT Design Partner program.  We are looking for creative, like-minded individuals interested in:

  • Influencing an industry-changing solution

  • Finding new ways to use red/blue team skills e.g. hack VulnHub systems, create your own analytics 


As a design partner:

  • Receive free, early access to the Spyderbat Attack Tracing and Intercept tool for the duration of the program

  • Receive direct access to Spyderbat's development team through Slack channels and scheduled calls

  • Generate Spydertraces with your own data, capturing causal connections that expose an issue's root cause and scope

  • Create your own analytics to explore your own use cases (e.g. capture specific attack techniques)

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