Cloud Productivity and Security

How can you continue to release frequently and feel confidently secure?

You are performing vulnerability scans, static-code analysis, code reviews, and other methods to avoid introducing any vulnerability into your runtime environments.

Yet, even with your best efforts, it is inevitable. Vulnerabilities are introduced whether through an unnoticed misconfiguration, configuration drift, or an unknown zero-day.

Spyderbat adds reassurance to cloud engineering and devops teams by proactively maintaining a living map of cloud resource network and system activity. With this living map, Spyderbat recognizes the causal relationship of suspicious activities even if seperated by operational activity, differing user sessions, systems, and long periods of time.

The result is early, accurate detection of successful exploits with immediate visility to root cause.

Sound too good to be true?

Don’t take our word for it. Use Spyderbat’s free tier on up to five nodes and see it in action.

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